Sacred Business Builder Course

The master plan for coaches, healers, and soul-preneurs to claim their higher calling and build their thriving dream business.

Let me tell you a story…of how I built a Coaching business I could count on. Of how I freed myself from a box that was too small, and found a way to do work that I LOVE.

Most coaches and healers start in the wrong place, spending years building their list and launching small products, feeling frustrated and never getting any traction…sometimes giving up hope altogether.

I started that way too.

Here’s how my story begins…once upon a time, unsure whether I could make a living with my Calling alone, I had signed up for cubicle work that came with a cost…

I always knew that I had a deep purpose… to help others heal, create, and transform. So, I started my Coaching + Healing work on the side of the full time job.


But still, a part of me stayed Small.


You see, I was afraid. I was not so young, after all. And I alone was responsible for sustaining myself (mortgage included).


It took some time to find my way. I invested my dollars in mentors, courses, and books. I invested my time and focus in learning, failing, and refining. I tried to sort through the mountains of advice about marketing and more.


Meanwhile I became more and more numb, staying at the job that came with a cost.

I wonder…can you relate?

Now back to my story…despite the uncertainty I kept on building, believing, and healing my fears.


At LAST I found a way to be sovereign and free. A way to secure a good income doing work that was True. A way to fulfill my deep desire to help the planet and its people.


Learning to design my programs and services, and to structure my business the RIGHT way is what helped me turn the corner in my business, and made all the difference.

You don’t have to do this alone. There’s another way…and I want to show you how.

I want to teach you what I discovered that WORKS in order to create a sustainable coaching or healing business.

This training will show you the sacred and scalable way to build your business, so that you can do the work you love…FULL TIME!

JoeG_headshot“I want to take a moment to give MAJOR KUDOS to my coach, Kristyn Caetano. In 1 month working with her, my income from my psychic healing business has quadrupled.

And now after 2 months, with her guidance, she’s helped bring forth out of me a spiritual coaching and mentorship program that I can proudly share with the world. I just signed my first high end coaching client and now my income is set to triple – on top of what I’d already quadrupled.

Month over month already, signing on with Kristyn has been one of the greatest investments I’ve ever made. I’m imagining what the rest of these 4 months will be like!

More importantly, it’s less about the income I’m about to make. It’s more about how much more satisfying and fulfilling life is, getting over hurdles, and embracing and sharing my spiritual gifts out in the world. Everything else is a nice bonus!
Lots of gratitude to Kristyn. You’re awesome!”

-Joe G., Spiritual Healer, Coach, Mentor and Teacher


8 Week Virtual Course

  • 8 Live weekly video training which includes:

  • Biz building modules
  • Q&A
  • Laser coaching w/ Kristyn
  • Calls will be recorded
  • Starts July 26, 2017
  • Weekly Integration assignments

  • Private FB group

  • Two tickets to the 3 day in-person event in San Diego (Date TBA)

Course Content Overview

  • Gain clarity on your vision
  • Create a customized, step-by-step blueprint to create and launch your program OR scale your existing programs
  • Practical Business Building + Creative Strategies for Success
  • Experiential processes and practices
  • Mindset tools, rituals, meditations, spiritual practices, worksheets, templates, etc.

Modules: What You Will Learn

Module 1
Your Big Beautiful Vision

What’s  Your “Why”
Mission Statement
From Chaos to Clarity

Module 2
Your Unique Gifts & Skills

Your golden threads
Your personal transformation story
Weaving it all together


Module 3
Who Are Your People?

Client avatar
Problems being solved
Target Market statement

Module 4
*Birth Your Sacred Offerings and Services: Part I

Your Step-by-Step client process
Delivery methods + format (creating a unique, VIP experience)
Content + your methodology


Module 5
*Birth Your Sacred Offerings and Services: Part II

Pricing 101
Describing your offering (sales page)
The big picture business model

Module 6
Your Magical Message

What do you stand for?
Crafting your authentic intro
Storytelling in business


Module 7
Launch! Find Your Soulmate Clients

The Secret Keys to Lead Generation


Money Honey

Synergistic enrollment

Module 8
Nurture Your Tribe

Communication + providing value
List-building strategies
Building relationships (with tribe, influencers, super-connectors, referral partners)

You’ll ALSO Get These Additional Bonuses When You Sign Up!


*One 90 minute 1-1 Private Coaching Session with Kristyn

*Guest teacher trainings and supplemental materials sent to your inbox weekly!

*Travel Hacking Master Class (recording + resources)…learn how to travel around the world…for FREE!

Who This is For…

Coaches, Healers, Consultants, Therapists, Wellness Practitioners, and other Service Providers who:

1) Are emerging entrepreneurs just starting their business and need help building it from the ground up.


2) Already have an established business but want to get more clients, create new programs, improve profitability and stability, and increase visibility. 

This is NOT for you if…

  • You’re not in a service-based industry

  • You’re unwilling to be vulnerable, put yourself out there, etc.

  • You feel that increasing your prices means you’re not being “spiritual”

If not now..then when?

Don’t spend the next 2 to 5 years spinning your wheels and working on the wrong things on your business.

Know what to focus on and when, so you can actually reach your goals and create a sustainable business that creates REAL change in the world!

Guest Teachers

Amanda Collins

Spiritual Leader, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Motivational Speaker and Feng Shui Master


Feng Shui for Financial Freedom

Jayme Gatbonton

Website Priestess & Designer, Teacher, Writer


Intuitive Branding

Kai Van Bodhi

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and a world class instructor of mind-body exercise. 


How Your Morning Beverage Can Make or Break Your Success

Miriam Elizabeth

Truth Speaker & Truth Seeker-a publicist for people’s souls!


Light Up Your Truth; Amplify Your Business

Rebecca Berggren

Mindful Marketing Strategist & Brand Therapist


Crafting Your Sacred Business Sales Page

If you’re READY to create freedom and prosperity in your business, and to make MORE of a difference in the world through your coaching or healing work….then this is for you.

Just fill out this application and as soon as I receive it I’ll get in touch!


Nicole KThe awareness I got from one of Kristyn’s daylong workshops was huge! Before the workshop I was feeling stuck and confused about what I wanted out of life. Now I feel like I have a compass as well as a community of beautiful women who share the same passion for living authentically. Infinite thanks to Kristyn for holding such sacred space and guiding us with her incredible intuition and skills.

~ Nicole K., Licensed Therapist

Marie VI have attended a number of workshops and circle events organized by Kristyn.  I have immediately felt welcomed and included each time I arrived, even though I generally have not known anyone else in attendance.  Kristyn has a calm and warm style; activities and topics of discussion are relevant and engaging.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone interested in attending this type of workshop where they can look deeper into their personal self, raise their consciousness, grow and manifest.

~ Marie V., Feng Shui Consultant

About Kristyn

I envision a world where more and more people are making the difference they came here to make, their gifts and talents fully expressed, being of service in their highest and most soul-aligned way….through doing their unique Sacred work.

I’m Kristyn Caetano, Business Alchemist & Life Design Strategist, and Certified Hypnotherapist. I help Visionary Entrepreneurs build their thriving dream business, so they can create more freedom, satisfaction, and success in their life….while also making a positive impact in the world.

I combine straight-up practical business and life design strategies WITH Coaching, EFT, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Energy Work (plus lots of love), to help Soul-preneurs overcome blocks, find clarity, and create a meaningful life+biz that they LOVE.

In order to create real change, we need to access inner transformation AND the tangible “how”.

This course is designed to give you both.


The next start date for this course will be in early 2018. Here’s that application again. If this course feels RIGHT for you, you can submit your application now. Once I receive it, I’ll get in touch so we can hop on a complimentary call to see whether this program will be the right fit for you.

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