Higher Calling Coaching

Higher Calling Coaching

Intuitive Business Strategy + Lifestyle Design 


Awaken Your Life’s Work. Set Your Higher Calling In Motion. Unleash Your Potential


Hello wise one. Yes, you.

Are you a Healer, Coach, or Conscious Entrepreneur who feels an undeniable calling to make a positive impact in the world?

There is a shift underway, a global Awakening and rising of consciousness. A new paradigm is emerging, one that is more connected, collaborative, and creative. One that is more healthy for the planet and her people. Can you feel it?

I thought so.

You’ve landed here for a reason. It’s time.

Time to fully devote yourself to your Higher Calling.

What Could you Become if You Threw your Whole Self into Your True Destiny?

Let me guess…

-You’re not where you want to be in life
-Your inner voice has been begging you to rise up…for what feels like eons
-Your desire for change is becoming increasingly urgent

It’s time to start doing things differently. YOU have a vital role to play in this powerful and dynamic time. You have valuable skills and talents that not only revitalize you, but also contribute to the healing and evolution of others.

The world NEEDs you to answer your Higher Calling. To align yourself with the greater movement toward wholeness.

Don’t Let Anything Stand in Your Way. Not Anymore. 

But How?

What if you could have a practical, intuitively designed, EFFECTIVE roadmap that guides you into claiming your Higher Calling and then shows you how to really DO something with it? What if you could simultaneously create a healthy, fulfilling, and abundant lifestyle?

If you yearn to fully embrace your sacred purpose but need help getting there, I’m here for you! I know what it’s like to feel that awful frustration inside because you KNOW that you’re not doing what you can here to do.

Trust me-I’ve been there, and I know how painful it can be.

Are you ready to fulfill your deepest soul-aligned mission and vision for yourself and for the world?

Let me show you how to build lifestyle and business strategies that are do-able, sustainable, and satisfying so that you can set yourself free.

Are You Experiencing Any of These?

  • Lack of clarity, stuck-ness, and hopelessly trapped in your current situation-you need help solidifying your vision, plus understanding EXACTLY how you can use your true authentic gifts to build a business that makes the world a better place.

  • Fear, self-doubt, and scarcity mentality-you can’t seem to get the naysayers, the “shoulds”, and the dream-killing thoughts out of your head. You’re afraid of being judged, or worse, failing. And oh yeah.. will you ever be able to eat again or pay your rent?

  • Feeling overwhelmed, you don’t have a clue HOW or WHERE to even start….OR you don’t know how to up-level what you currently have in place. You need a solid plan - you’ve watched plenty of free webinars, but you just can’t seem to wrap your head around a genuinely workable formula for success. You’ve already tried some strategies, but didn’t get the success you were hoping for. Is my dream really possible, you wonder?

  • Your friends and family don’t understand your visionYou need someone to show you the way, brainstorm with you, and keep you inspired - they mean well, but they can’t give you the kind of support you need because you’re stepping into a New Paradigm where old rules don’t apply.

Why I’m Passionate about YOUR Higher Calling

For as long as I can remember, I felt a compelled to contribute meaningful and valuable work to the world, work that was uniquely mine to do. This feeling was so strong, it felt like a true spiritual contract.

Yet for so many years I allowed myself to be limited. I complexified and analyzed myself into a state of frozen stuck-ness. I stayed too long in jobs, unable to see or trust the pathway toward change.

I was Playing Small in a big way.

Over time, I held various positions with increasing prestige. Yet I continued to feel uneasy, with a nagging feeling that I still had not found my own true path. I struggled to find clarity and certainty. This cycle repeated itself, and I kept on seeking.

Then I found myself in that same familiar place of misalignment and desperation…once AGAIN. But this time I was older, and along with the pain came the STING OF REGRET. I was in my early 40′s, and the last time I could remember having a job that I truly loved was somewhere around 1999….

Not only that, but my job began to take a toll on my health. Repetitive motion pain that no ergonomic equipment could solve, and mundane work with no room for growth. It was the ultimate dead-end.

Suddenly, during my daily commute to work I found myself in one of three conditions; crying, deeply angry, or feeling sick to my stomach. Every. Single. Day. And it continued.

I didn’t even recognize myself. This wasn’t ME.

You see, I’d stayed too long. Again.

A daily dose of toxicity can accumulate and turn into an overwhelming poison, which can manifest itself into a damaging illness. Or worse.

I heard an urgent whisper inside… “You cannot stay. It’’s time…once and for all”.

The cost of NOT listening to my inner voice had become too high.

But I was worried about paying the mortgage, tangled up in fear, secretly wishing I had a Sugar-Daddy or a trust fund to support me so I could take the leap…finally. Since neither of those options seemed to be materializing anytime soon (dang it), I had to make a choice.

And so I became determined to FIGHT for my Higher Calling. No more staying too long. No more hiding.

Instead of thinking about all the obstacles, I started to wonder…how CAN I create the lifestyle and livelihood that I want? And I began to find my way; learning, trying, failing, repeating.

When each of us lives in the essence of our Higher Calling while also thriving in tangible ways, we increase awareness and vitality in ourselves and others, we infuse more love into everything we do,  we make decisions that benefit the whole and that are rooted in health, wisdom, and spirituality. This causes a ripple effect that can have deep and far- reaching positive effects.

We become a both a catalyst and an integral part of the solution.

I envision a world where more and more people are taking a stand to live in this powerful, enlightened way. Can you imagine what the world would be like? I can!

What We’ll Do Together

This is a unique and customized program that combines transformative inner work with a strategic and impactful action plan for designing your Higher Calling life and livelihood. My approach assures that you can accelerate your dreams in a way that creates REAL results and success, while staying true to your core essence AND feeling good while you’re at it.

You need the inner mindset AND the tangible HOW. I help you bridge the gap to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.  I’m here to help you get breakthroughs and create the change you’re seeking.

Don’t let self-doubt, fear of the unknown, or shiny-object syndrome diminish your commitment toward your Destiny!


We’ll do the internal work and soul inquiry you need to in order to gain clarity and overcome inner obstacles.

  • I will help you better understand the messages coming from your intuition so that you can unlock your true vision,  and then ACT on it.

  • I’ll show you how to train your brain for success, really trust yourself, and become more courageous and resilient. I help you reframe doubt, fear, and limiting beliefs.

  • I draw from a variety of resources and tools, including intuitive readings, laser coaching, energy work, applied kinesiology, hypnotherapy, and more.


  • I help you translate your vision into a realistic plan of action that feels super aligned AND gets you results!

  • Together we will design your individual and highly resonant soul-action blueprint plan for creating a Higher Calling business so that you’re no longer confused, distracted, and overwhelmed.

  • You will build a solid system and have a clear game plan for how you can best share your valuable offerings in the world and THRIVE, whatever your medium may be.

A funny thing happens when you get into alignment with your soul’s mission. You naturally enter the FLOW of manifestation, and the universe conspires to support you.

You begin to feel more energized and nourished, you attract positive relationships, you magnetize amazing clients, and experience more joy and fulfillment. You create success and true prosperity in a more authentic and higher vibration way, in all areas of your life; financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Christina M.

“Kristyn is a brilliant and caring business/life coach. She helped me make a profound shift in just one session.  First off, she is an amazing LISTENER.  She strived to understand ME and what makes me “tick. She delved to understand what I wanted to create and why I wanted to create it. She helped me pin-point my particular challenges and blocks that have kept me from reaching my business goals. She was a “rock” for me, believing in me, helping me “think big”, and fully re-inspired me to my deep purpose!

I have struggled with paralyzing feelings of overwhelm in creating my business. When I started getting overwhelmed in our session,, she gently led me through a 5 minute mindfulness/hypnosis technique that left me feeling calm, focused and re-centered:)   She is absolutely brilliant in her approach…very organized and methodical as far as the logistical aspects of creating a thriving business, but also very intuitive/compassionate and willing to go deep into the mental/emotional aspects- they are both so necessary in thriving as a soulful business owner!  I came out of the session with clarity, a re-ingnited passion and the “knowing” that it is possible to actualize my dreams!  Thank you so much Kristyn, I am so grateful to have you on this journey!”

Christina M.Naturopathic Doctorhttp://drchristinamartinez.com/
Jessica S.

Before meeting Kristyn I felt really, really lost! I was about to start my own entrepreneurial journey in coaching, scared because I knew I had several pieces missing, but didn’t know exactly which or where to start finding them. Basically I was in a slurry of stress and exhaustion just thinking about it. I had so much trouble conveying to others what I was working on and what I would be doing. “How are you going to make money? What are your credentials? Who is your target market?…” These were questions I faced every day from people who were excited for me and just wanted to help, but they were overwhelming because I didn’t have answers yet, and I had been talking about it for a long time. The truth is that I was working with a wide range of clients and hadn’t discovered my niche yet.

In my first session with Kristyn, she helped me identify and articulate those pieces I was missing, AND, how I would solve them! At that moment, for me, it was like finding gold! I had a clear path that I could take action on, with a vision of where I was going. For just that, I cannot thank her enough! It’s absolutely incredible what happens when a person really, truly cares about adding value to their clients’ lives, and I know without question that every clients gets that from her.

Jessica S.Health and Life Coachhttps://twitter.com/jshaanan
Becca Berggren

“My sessions helped me tune into my inner knowing that was buried beneath the self doubt and comparison-itis that many entrepreneurs are plagued with. I am now making some serious progress in confidently putting myself out there and I have Kristyn to thank for my breakthrough!

Becca BerggrenMindful Marketing Coachhttp://www.simpleeonline.com/

What You Get

3 -Month or 6-Month Coaching Immersion Experience

  • Three 90 minute ELEVATE & ACTIVATE Sessions per month 


  • Weekly AWAKENING & INTEGRATING assignments and inquiries

  • Unlimited email and text support 

  • VIP access to all workshops and events
Stacy D.

“I didn’t realize how focused I was on one way of looking at my business until I met Kristyn. The very first session with her opened my eyes to more possibilities than I had ever thought of! I could tell immediately that her knowledge is extensive. Not only has Kristyn given me a whole new outlook on my business strategy, but she’s got the formulas to help you progress with success. Kristyn is also really down to earth, and easy to talk to. She’s a great listener and her gentle nature, and positive feedback is refreshing. I’m excited to work with her. I highly recommend Kristyn to any business owner who wants to excel beyond their expectations!”

Stacy D.Artist, Reiki Practitionerhttp://unreal-art.com/
Anita A.

“Kristyn worked with me on guiding me towards a career I am more passionate about. Though I was always vague with my goals and thoughts, she helped steer me to clarity each time and also pushed me to develop some clear and actionable next steps so I could monitor my progress. I loved working with Kristyn and highly recommend her. She is wonderful and the conversation flows without pressure or stress.”

Anita A.Consultant
  • I should let you know that although I LOVE working 1-1 with people, I can only accommodate a small number at a time because of the high level of attention and care I give to my clients.

  • That being said, if you and I are a perfect fit and I have an opening, I’d love to support you!

  • The world NEEDS you! No more holding back. No more waiting and second-guessing.

  • Let me show you how to CLAIM your Higher Calling and begin truly living, once and for all. NOW is the time.

 I can’t wait to see you shine!


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