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Just one session with Kristyn made a noticeable and immediate shift in my life. Her gentle but direct questions caused me to look deeply into the roots of my suffering and change some core beliefs that were limiting me. The hypnosis meditation left me feeling relaxed and refreshed and with a palpable physical sensation that I had now shifted into the new, improved paradigm. Powerful medicine! I highly recommend Kristyn to anyone seeking to immediately move into a new way of thinking and being in their life.

StephanieLife Coach

Kristyn  takes you on a relaxed but focused journey to explore unseen corners of your subconscious. She has a powerful ability to create a beautiful safe space for healing and guide you to understanding the many layers of emotions and memories within. The work has helped me to physically heal and achieve a new level of mental balance.


Kristyn embodies all the qualities I look for in a coach – professional, energetic, wise, and empathetic – to name a few.  But most of all, I appreciate her unique intuitiveness.  She is always spot-on with her observations, pointing out that elusive, unconscious detail that needs illumination within the context of each session.  I always leave my coaching session with Kristyn more energized, more positive, and on track with achieving my life goals.

LindaLife Coach, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner

If you ever need a reassuring, calm, insightful spirit to guide you in an amazing hypnotherapy session, then go see Kristyn Caetano. I felt so relaxed with her gentle voice and brilliant guided visualizations, and gained more peace and clarity about my situation. I always felt re-balanced and nurtured, with a cessation of anxiety from what had been bothering me. Her hypnotherapy sessions cut to the root of the problem and lift you out into the light. Thank you Kristyn.

DeborahOrdained Wedding Officiant

I had such a powerful session with Kristyn! And I am not new to this type of work. She was able to take a huge chunk out of my paralyzing fear of public speaking. So much so, that the week after our session, I had 2 meetings to teach workshops! Now that is serious progress right. I had been putting it off for months, heck years. And now, it doesn’t seem as scary. She was also able to assist me in reconnecting with my intuition and the support of the universe. Thank you Kristyn! I would recommend her to anyone looking to make a major shift in their life, or to clear a block. Kristyn is warm, compassionate, authentic, connected, and amazing at what she does!!

FaithHolistic Nutritionist

When doing this type of work, it is obviously so important to feel the space created is totally non-judgmental and comfortable. I was drawn to work with Kristyn because that is exactly the environment she just naturally creates. When you’re in her kind, competent care, this process just flows with the greatest of ease.

I entered our session with no particular issue, agenda or expectation. I just somehow knew there would be value for me. During my session, I got the sense that guidance from my ‘higher self’ was able to basically shine through, by-passing the mind-chatter and daily distractions of our busy lives so that my next plan of action was able to unfold effortlessly and became crystal clear. I have to say that the entire process was really fun, deeply relaxing and the results have been long lasting.

I can recommend Kristyn with complete confidence to facilitate anyone seeking to bring things into focus so they can move forward in their life with ease, certainty and clarity.

CarolRetired Speech Therapist

Just finished my fourth hypnotherapy session with Kristyn Caetano & I feel incredible. I’m never able to meditate or really get as deep as I do with her. I’ve been really working through some bad habits and fears and in the last few months have never felt as happy, relaxed and powerful as I do now. (I even overcame the nightmares which is why I first started). Contact Kristyn if you are ready to really reach a new level.


I came to Kristyn to work on the fears and anxieties that were sabotaging my efforts to move forward as a successful and confident entrepreneur. I consciously KNEW that my perfectionist nature and playing small were getting in the way of busting out my awesomeness. But all the self help books and webinars were still not making it go away.

Well, let me tell you about a session I had with Kristyn where I had a profound experience that helped shift this energy. She guided me to a super lovely, safe, inspiring and relaxing space where I had a profound visualization. I received this message – “All I needed to do was make the real “me” AVAILABLE and the right people who were READY to receive the gifts that I have to offer would come.” I instantly felt a knowing, an ease, a grounding with these simple words.

And then, in this space of openness I was also able to see and feel a “picture” of the gentle, feminine and inspiring branding for my website that was totally ME. This experience really stuck with me. So much so, that I did a total shift in branding direction. The picture I saw became my inspiration piece and everything just FLOWED from there! Un-stuck! The picture I “saw” is now the main image on the home page of my new website that I proudly launched to warm welcomes and kinds words at the end of 2015.

I realize this all sounds kinda woo woo, but it was all so very REAL. And I think it’s as simple as this – her sessions just helped me tune into my inner knowing / my intuition that was buried beneath the self doubt and comparison-itis that many entrepreneurs are plagued with. I still have a ways to go, but am making some serious progress in confidently putting myself out there and feel that I have Kristyn to thank!

BeccaMindful Marketing Strategist